10 trending tools that will make your garden a better place!

by XueSheng ji
A clean car can always give you a good ride experience, but it' not easy to keep your car looking shiny and new. Here are 10 of the best car cleaning gadgets on Modernsense that will help you get of dirt,grime ,stains effortlessly!

Soft, clean, keep the surface clean and safe.This is a no brainer choice! Cover the elastic wrist for a sense of security.
Soft synthetic fiber, suitable for small hands.Exquisite, high density, strong cleaning power. You can use it to clean the car, glass, plastic, sofa cabinet and etc.
Purchase link: Coral Velvet Knitted Gloves

it's easier to clean hard-to-clean places. Made from Soft Microfibre Material and it's double side has different functions to meet your needs.Suitable for Car and General household cleaning, glass, floors, kitchen, halls etc.
Quickly and easily removes dirt with strong absorbsion .
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it is used new PP material, high impact resistance, toughness, acid and alkali resistance. The durable foam is firmly contained in a palm-sized rectangular handle with finger grooves to avoid slipping.Protect fingers and nails from oil, dirt and grime.
Purchase link:Car Wheel Polishing Waxing Sponge Brush

Easily removes contaminants accumulated on car paint for a long period of time such as dirt particles,metal particles, industrial etc. leaving a silky smooth finish immediately,it is easy to make your car body smooth and shine
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Easily remove slight oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film.Prevent further deterioration caused by sunlight, smoke, ozone, water, chemicals and air pollutants.Clean and protect the exterior of all colors and restore the car interior.
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9Pcs auto detailing crush set, including 5 different size brushes, 3 different Detailing Drill Brush, and 1 pcs automotive air conditioner detailing brush to give your car a thorough make-over! Suitable for cleaning car interior, exterior, wheels, dashboard, seat gaps, spokes, vents, rims, engine bays, and exhaust tips, etc.
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Portable, easy to operate and good clean effect.Suitable for all kinds of vehicle wheel tire, equipment cleaning and maintenance.Apply to clean the ground, car floor, pedal, household ceramic tile seam, etc.Can be used both in car and home.
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This product is easy to use, brush with a little water will clean the dirt off your tires easily. And super durable using fine quality nylon brush, high elasticity, heat resistance and wear resistance.Easy to storage with hanging design, convenient collection.
Easily clean tiny corners in your car! Also can be used on bottles, glasses, mugs, pitchers and more with this Flexible Bottle Scourer!Featuring a long, durable foam bristle brush with a twisting action that swipes away debris and stains.And its dishwasher safe!
The duster head uses the dense fiber, can clean many places, and the clean life is easily realized.Stainless steel integrated extension rod design, the height can be extended to 80cm.Can clean the top of your car!