Coconut Meat Removal Tool

Coconut Meat Removal Tool
Coconut Meat Removal Tool
Coconut Meat Removal Tool
Coconut Meat Removal Tool

Coconut Meat Removal Tool

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Coconut Meat Removal Tool - Easily Removes Flesh from Shell in Seconds



  • EASY AS CAN BE: This coconut tool makes removing the meat out of the fruit a breeze. Simply slide the blade around the inside of the shell and the meat pops right out.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Made with premium grade materials, this coconut demeater is durable and designed to last. It is rust resistant and dishwasher safe, and easy to clean.
  • EASY ON THE WRIST: The special curve of the knife means you only need to slide it along with minimal effort, and you don’t have to strain your hand to get the meat out.
  • COCONUT BENEFITS WITHOUT HASSLE: If you love the taste, flavor and health benefits of coconut but think it is too difficult to demeat – this simple tool is your answer!



Aside from being simply delicious, coconuts?

are super fruits! We are just beginning to discover the wealth of health benefits they have, and needless to say we all want to increase the amount of coconut in our diet.

Like most things, fresh coconut is the way to go! However opening the coconut and removing the meat can be extremely difficult. The flesh of the coconut is stubbornly attached to its shell and it would seem like the time and effort it takes to remove the meat is simply not worth it.

Enter the meat removal tool from Besser Products! It makes removing the meat a breeze, and it literally only takes seconds to do!?A Specially designed curved blade slides in between the meat and the shell, and by scraping gently, you make the meat pop right out in large, delicious chunks of coconut goodness.


The handle is designed to be comfortable to hold and use, and reduce any strain on your hand and wrist. You can even demeat multiple coconuts one after the other and it won’t strain your hand at all!


Made with a specially curved stainless steel blade, this tool is easy to care for and is dishwasher safe. It won’t rust from coconut water or any other moisture or liquid, and is designed to last.



1. Open the coconut with a hammer or a coconut opening tool.
2. Insert the blade into the opening and push back and forth to open the rest of the coconut.
3. Insert the end of the blade in between the white Coconut meat and the shell.
4. Slide the blade gently along the circumference of the shell, Repeat on second half.?
5. Enjoy your fresh coconut meat!

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