SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun

SKU: SK126
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun
SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun

SK126-Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun

SKU: SK126
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With Water Pipes: Yes

Water Spray Type: Water Column

Water Pipes Length: 5-10m

Product pressure: 60Bar

Power Supply: Lithium battery

Power: 500W

Nozzle Material: Engineering Plastic

Material: ABS and copper

Interface Material: copper

Handle Type: Palm Type

Body Material: copper


Specification :

Product name: Wireless car washing machine
Material: ABS and copper
Power Supply:Lithium battery

Battery capacity: 
Voltage: 21V

Product pressure: 60Bar
Drive: Lithium battery wireless drive
Maximum flow: 10L/min
Jet stroke: 6-10 meters
Water pipe length: 5 meters
Car washing equipment type: Household Car Washing Machine
Water source type: Bucket / Coke bottle / Faucet Self-priming
Scope of application: Car washing, watering flowers, watering vegetables, spraying, garden cleaning, etc.

Features :

1. Special material waterproof, water and electricity isolation is safer
2. Self-priming/faucet 2 water inlet methods, more convenient to take water
3. 2 Water types adjustable
4.With temperature protection function, automatic shutdown of over temperature and overload, eliminating safety hazards
5.Large amount of water, easy to absorb water
6. A variety of high-quality extension accessories, cleaning is more convenient and clean
7. Multifunctional high-pressure cleaning, very suitable for car washing, garden watering, agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning
8.  Simple installation, quick plug-in installation of all interfaces

Package included:
1x Washing Machine
1x Lithium battery
1x Charger
1x 5m Water pipe
1x 0° Outlet head
1x 40° Outlet head
1x Coke bottle adapter
1x Extension rod
1x Filter
1x Foam pot

Question & Answer:


1 No water after startup?

A. Machine may entered air: please connect the faucet, running water will discharge the air, then used normally

B. Press button more than 15 seconds. let the water inhale the gun body

2 Low water pressure after starting?

A. Hose bend: straighten the hose

B. Connector is loose: press water connector directly, twice to hear a click

C. Dead battery: please charge


3 The machine does not start

A. Dead battery: please charge

B. Battery immersion: shake the battery upside down a few times

C. Inserts loose: corners and middle of the battery circuit board to pressed tightly


4 Foam bottle can't spray?

Need to wait for the water to drain before spraying the cleaning agent


5 Scan the QR code to see problem ideo:  

Warm Tips:

1.After the car wash machine is used, it should run empty for a few seconds to drain the residual water in the machine, avoid oxidizing dirt and freezing for weather reasons, and store it in a dry and cool place.

2.Do not store in the trunk of the car in hot weather to avoid fire caused by high temperature.

3.Batteries need to be kept away from water.Remove the battery after use, so as not to affect battery life.

High Strength Water Pressure
Wireless lithium battery car washing machine
Strong pressure / Higher power / Compact and convenient
Long life / Fast charging / Simple operation

One Hand Operation
Compact And Portable

The center of gravity of the machine coincides with the position of the palm and tiger mouth
According to the lever principle, the shorter the force arm
The smaller the effect, the less effort

01. Simple installation
02. Easy to operate
03. Express car wash

Fast Selfpriming
You Can Wash Your Car Anywhere With Water

Wash the car wherever there is water
Portable and self-priming , faster and stronger

1.Bucket Self Absorption
2.Faucet Use
3.Coke Bottle Self-priming

Cleaning Artifact
Multi-purpose Machine

Versatile beyond the car wash
It can also meet the cleaning needs of various other scenarios

Home Yard Flushing / Outdoor portable wash
Crop spraying / Spray watering

strong water pressure
Break the melon easily

Strong impact force, do not spray on people
Strong flood impact -- Violent breaking melon
Strong water output -- Cleaning mud

Surging Power
Powerful All-copper Motor

A good machine with a big heart provides high energy
Sustainable work, long life without burning the machine

Lithium battery power supply
Long endurance
Fast charging

Separate lithium battery, fast charging
No need to wait for car washing, improve safety performance, and supply electricity
0° high pressure direct: Strong decontamination - Washing tires / fenders
40° fan jet: Large area flushing-flushing mud and watering

Water qun nozzle
Metal extension rod
Water inlet
Start trigger
Car wash handle
Lithium battery


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